Baby photos on social media, the truth revealed

Not so long ago, a friend commented on a photo of Albie that I’d uploaded to Facebook.

‘You always take such great photos of your family’

The friend said very kindly.

‘Ah thanks. It’s easy when they’re so photogenic.’

Came my unintentionally smug reply. But the truth of that matter has eaten away at me like Albie through a plate of cheesy peas. And now – despite my fears of being thrown out of the parent’s equivalent to the magic circle – I’m ready to divulge the secret. Are you ready?

The thing is, those photos of babies, dogs, kids in front of doors on the first day of school… well they’re definitely not the first photo that person took. The one you see is the one they think looks the best out of the 20+ they took. It’s the one where the baby hasn’t been caught mid-puke, or the dog isn’t sniffing it’s balls, or the kid in front of the door is actually smiling rather than in floods of tears about having to go to big school.

To illustrate my point, below is a few of my favourite photos of Albie, next to a couple that found themselves on the cutting room floor.

Fun at bath time…

Fun with Nanny and Grandad at the Zoo…

7 months today!!…


Love at first sight…

So there you have it, the secret’s out. I hope now you can sleep a little easier after comparing your chaotic snaps to the picture perfect social posts. All is not as it seems.

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